Open Positions

Kai Wang’s research group in the Department of Physics at McGill University, Canada (starting early 2023) will be conducting experimental and theoretical research on topics including but not limited to quantum photonics, topological photonics, metasurfaces/metamaterials for quantum information science, time-/frequency-encoded optical quantum simulation, Floquet metamaterial, quantum imaging and sensing, and nonlinear quantum photonics.

Graduate students

I am now accepting MSc and PhD students. Students with relevant educational backgrounds are welcome to apply, including but not restricted to physics, applied physics, optics, photonics, and optical/electrical engineering.

Please note that in general, a Master’s degree is required to enroll in a PhD program at McGill physics. MSc and PhD students in my research group can either work on experiments or theory, or both.

For PhD, applicants with relevant expertise will be given priority in the consideration, including but not limited to

  • Quantum optical experiments (discrete or continuous variable),
  • Integrated photonics experiments,
  • Nonlinear quantum optical experiments, such as squeezed light and OPO,
  • Micro- and nano-fabrication, such as EBL and laser fabrication,
  • Numerical simulation of photonic structures such as metasurfaces and photonic crystals (for visible to telecom wavelengths),
  • Quantum information theory,
  • Topological band theory.

Financial support will be provided to successfully admitted and enrolled MSc and PhD students. There are opportunities for outstanding MSc students to convert to PhD one year after enrollment.

The application deadline for January 2023 admission has passed. Now I am accepting applications of MSc and PhD students that aim to start in September 2023.

For more information on McGill physics MSc and PhD programs, please visit

If you are interested in applying, please email your CV (including a publication list) to me at:

wkai (at)

Due to the large number of anticipated incoming emails, I may not be able to reply to every email. My apologies in advance. Please don’t send multiple emails.

Optional: If you are looking for PhD and have done your Master’s thesis (written in English), you could additionally attach a copy of your Master’s thesis in your email to me.

Postdoc position

Details and application link coming soon. Stay tuned! But you are welcome to contact me now by email if you are looking to do a postdoc with me AND you are from an experimental quantum photonics background.